My Journey from Atheism to Christianity

I used to be very skeptical about the Christian religion. When I was depressed I looked at everything as a negativity, and was sort of self absorbed in myself.
But when I met a girl I consider to be one of my best girlfriends, she showed me how belief in Christ can be realistic and be a positive influence in your life.
Then I met a man, my first serious relationship. He showed me through abuse how hard it can be knowing finally the hard truth of what he was doing, and then a realized what kind if person I was becoming- someone who proclaimed open mind ness, yet hated all of the world for all the bad things. I was very hateful, and it took time to realize I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I didn’t want to associate with those people because I saw how hurtful and hateful they had become even if they didn’t realize it themselves.
Then I met my current fiance. He showed me more how loving a Christian family can be. Then I became touched and inspired by Christ.


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