How Jesus Helped Me With Self Mutilation

I used to cut myself. Not for attention or anything. I did it because it was the only way I felt alive. I didn’t know how wonderful life was, I only saw darkness and death. I cried myself to sleep every night. I mastered the silent cry. I used to cry so hard I got headaches. Still, no one heard me.
I know I spoke of this before, but when I prayed to him he heard my pain. He put his arms around me and loved me only as a father could.
Jesus can do wonderful things, if only you let him into your heart.


Why Christ is Good

I’ve been plenty skeptical in my time. I bought into the stereotypes about catholics. But I realized something. Every side , every religion is going to make mistakes, everyone, someone is going to see problems in it. But just like people, religions learn and grow in their mistakes.
Christ is ultimately pure and good. He taught goodness and love. Some people are going to use the symbol of Christ for their own political gain, just like they could use any religious symbol. But us as followers of the man Jesus Christ and his teachings should stay true to him. To his raw work, not the propaganda of some senator or king.
Give yourself to Christ, for he is ultimately good.